The purpose of this proposal is to present a modification to the current Health Care system that will offer publicly subsidized Primary Care Medicine in addition to or instead of Primary Care covered by HMOS.


This voluntary Community based Public Option does not exclude the HMO option. It can service Communities, small Towns, Counties, States or an Entire Nation. It is plastic, expandable and optional.


Here’s How it Works


Communities are invited to apply to the Department of Health Research Services Administration (HRSA under HHS the Department of Health and Human Resources) for a grant to develop a Primary Care Medical Center.


The Public including Small Business and Industrial Enterprise is invited to contribute to the formation and upkeep of these centers so that their employees have access to comprehensive and sophisticated Primary Medical Care.


The Public will be charged fees according to tax bracket.


Business and enterprise can negotiate prices for their employees. To avoid “moral hazard” employees will pay for services out of pocket and be reimbursed annually, or semi-annually at 80% (more or less) of their costs.


Employers will simultaneously seek some short term health insurance from HMOs or other carriers to cover Catastrophic, Hospital and High Tech medical needs. Individuals can maintain HMO connections or negotiate to modify them.




            Health Care costs are shared between Government, Enterprise and the Public.  

            Centers with scaled down staff open nights will decongest ERs


If communities and governments plan ahead to install these components we will have the very best Health Care System in the World.